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YFC providing COVID-19 help


In this day and time with the current pandemic taking place, it has struck our families financially, emotionally, mentally and physically. All of the families that we help are families who are underserved, vulnerable, and who fall through the cracks

Our families have been stretched extremely thin where basic essentials and needs have become very difficult to obtain. Our organization has begun working around the clock in addressing the pressing matters for our families who live in the 7-county metro especially in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Learn more about our efforts from coverage by Monitor St. Paul: 

Your contribution will help make an impact in the following areas

– Food collection, distribution and basic needs for families.
– Home distancing educational seminars such as coping with this pandemic.
– Home distancing mental health support groups.
– Home distancing youth and family support groups.
– Families distancing school support for their kids due to parent’s barriers to understanding the language and unable to explain the content to their children.

If you would like to make a contribution to our effort please consider donating to our organization.

If you are in need of help relating to COVID-19 and live in the Twin Cities please contact us via email at

Our 8th annual summer camp was a success!

Every year diverse youth from the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota come together for five-days to explore outside of the city. Youth get a chance to learn how to fish, participate in educational seminars, discover outdoor activities like hiking, swimming, and boating, make new friends, and PLAY! Most of the youth who attend Youth and Family Circle have never spent time outside of the city before. YFC pushes them to discover new things about themselves and new interests that they would not otherwise be exposed to. We want our young adults to continue to explore our great state-help make this happen! Each year our youth ask us, “when is camp next year?” we need your help to continue allowing these kids to experience the joy they feel at camp!

Youth and Family Circle is a 501 c3 certified non-profit and your donation is tax-deductible.